These international pomades are fun in a way that it gives insight to what’s going on in the pomade business outside of the States. Sure, we’ve gotten a fairly good amount of things from Asia, but Dick Johnson comes from Finland, which is a whole ‘nother area with its own style. Initially, I did get the sense that Dick Johnson was very similar to Reuzel. Regardless, I like their attitude towards business and life. They call it a combination of “filth and luxury,” where you kind of keep it professional but also real. You do your best, with no doubt in mind, and be arrogant cause you deserve the right to do so. Sounds like…the former POMP, just kidding.



The standard 100ml plastic container with an aluminum top. Gold accents on a black background. Can’t really go wrong with that. It’s a tad busy and the font is a bit hard to read, but overall still ornate to distinguish itself as a Dick Johnson product. Reminds me a bit of the Suavecito design and colorway, where dark backgrounds meet a yellow tonal highlight.


I am a sucker for vanilla scents mainly due to being allergic to the vibrant floral scents (major headaches from these). The site describes it as being a vanilla whisky. I do smell vanilla with something heavy, which I assume is the whisky aspect of it. Unfortunately, my nose palate has not been refined to properly “nose” whisky yet. Maybe one day.


It’s smooth like butter. No joke. Thick and creamy, it comes out of the jar nicely. I did notice that it’s a bit waxier for a fibre wax though.


It’s a dry process. Well for me at least when I applied it to my completely dried hair. Slight bit of tugging but if you apply to slightly damp hair, the process will be smoother. Applies somewhat evenly, but like I mentioned, it’s a bit waxier or thicker, so be sure to evenly distribute the product across your palms or else you’ll get clumps.



Began with what I thought was a light sheen, but once I got outside, there was nothing. Purely a matte product.


Got a haircut before making this review, so the hair is a bit shorter, which gave way for many layers.


A solid med/strong hold.


It has a nice grip over your hair, but in regards to control, the insouciant nature of what the product was designed to be comes through. I wasn’t able to completely tame my hair to the way I want it (as seen in the video) but then again, this Fibre Wax was not meant to do that.



It gets drier and drier as you restyle your hair. This has been my experience with most wax based products, which I assume I’m wiping away product as I recomb/restyle. The endurance of Dick Johnson’s Fibre Wax is nice. It lasts throughout the day, and upon waking up, I’m still able to achieve a nice bedhead look since the product is still holding my hair up.



This aspect of the Fibre Wax has been what I enjoyed the most. I’m able to play around with the style of my hair without having to conform to what I usually do. If I wanted a looser look, I was able to do that. Just make sure your hands aren’t dry as mine or else you’re gonna get skin flakes trapped in there.


Very slightly, since it does have a mix of petrolatum and paraffin which leaves behind a slightly greasy residue after application.


Fairly dry. No slickness which means that dryness will be apparent, but it gives way for a more natural look.


A solid shampooing will get you cleaned and fresh.


FIBRE WAX 19,90€