Dick Johnson is looking for a talented chemist who specializes in cosmetics. We expect creativity from you and a desire to find new ways to make kick-ass products. Also, it would be best if you had characters that challenge existing standards in the cosmetic industry. And of course, you have to have; a genuine interest in industry trends, cosmetics in general, and a pure love for your work.

In product development, we take raw materials; first, we want to develop functional, effective formulations with a new creative angle, we see the importance of using clean raw materials, and we invest in the aesthetics and ecology of our products. We also aim to make our products vegan way.

We provide a motivating environment to work. You get to express your creativity, and decisions have a significant impact on the company’s operations. 

About Dick Johnson (Greasy Fingers) 

Dick Johnson is part of Greasy Fingers. Greasy Fingers is a cosmetics brand house with a vision to increase customer well-being and self-esteem through cosmetics. Greasy Fingers Oy focuses on Clean Beauty products in the premium cosmetics sector. Greasy Fingers Oy’s background is firmly in e-commerce, so we like to be the pioneers of Digital Beauty.

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