Dick Johnson, What? Who?


Dick Johnson lives and breathes the old school Barbershop lifestyle which strongly involves men's grooming and fashion. The first Dick Johnson Barber Shop was established back in 2016 in Tampere and nearly a year after the second Barber Shop opened it's doors in Helsinki. Our plan is to expand into other major cities but to maintain the brand's exclusiveness by opening only one Barber Shop per city. 

Barbershop space reguirements: 

100m2 - 120m2 in a valuable and charming business space near the city center. Not in a shopping mall.

Two existing barbershops

Aleksanterinkatu 25, 33100 Tampere. 160m2 

Ruoholahdenkatu 4, 00101 Helsinki. 100m2


We called it Dick Johnson Store! Mens Grooming & Clothing in same store and working seemlesly with the online store. In our unique concept we will be combining men’s fashion with men’s cosmetics. The space will be filled 50/50 with the most popular brands of clothing and barber shop quality cosmetics. We know that men want thing simple. They want to purchase everything they need in one place and do that fast. Dick Johnson Store will take into it’s selection only the brands that meet our requirements in quality and logistics.

Dick Johnson has a strong background in managing an online store and also a lot of know-how of handling logistics. That is why Dick Johnson Online Shop and Dick Johnson Store will be combined to create an omni channel model of purchasing: order online, return to store or buy in store, return to online store. Our new concept we will be focusing on volume and logistics of the products, all the way from vendors to us.

Dick Johnson Store offers much needed variety into every shopping mall. The brands we have chosen are relatively new and exclusive in Finland. Dick Johnson's flashy marketing and interesting selection of quality products attracts customers even from long distance.

Store space reguirements:

50m2 Dick Johnson Express Store

100m2 - 120m2 Dick Johnson Store

Located in a busy clothing/cosmetics section of a shopping mall

One already existing store

Ratinan Kauppakeskus Vuolteenkatu 1, 00101 Tampere, 100m2.


The story of Dick Johnson Online Store started from interest and passion for pomade products back in 2014. Since the beginning the online shop has been the company's most valuable asset and the backbone of Dick Johnson's business operations. Right now the online store operates in Finland and Sweden, but there are over 500 000 annual visitors and the plan is to expand into other European countries aswell.



2016 - 0,9 million.

2017 - 1,8 million.

2018 - predicted 2,5 million.